Mobile Unit

Mobile prefabricated toilet building with sewage treatment system & water recycling system

General Operation


Uthingo developed a mobile toilet module complete with sewage treatment system and wter recycling system.  The principle of the system is to recover all effluent produced by the toilets and hand basins into a biological sewage treatment facility which treat water to class 1 level.  The water is then pumped through a filtration system back into a holding tank.  The water from the holding tank is fed into the toilets for re-flushing.  The water to the hand basins is fed through a reverse osmosis process and into the basins for hand washing and drinking.  The process is then repeated.  Any overflow water can be released into the environment as it meets all legislative requirements.

This is ideal for construction sites, mining applications, road building sites etc.  It eliminates the need for super-sucking of the traditional septic or bucket toilet systems.

This facility needs minimum maintenance and recycles up to 90% of all effluent; this is an excellent way to handle your onsite mobile facilities.




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