Fibre Unit


Uthingo realised a gap existed between the civil unit for large developments and smaller flows for single house and smaller developments.

Through research and development, Uthingo realised the limitations of traditional package plants.

Together with the assistance of the fibre material suppliers, a fibre glass unit that would allow for indefinite life span in treating sewage effluent was designed.

A fibre glass factory was purchased specifically to manufacture our own fibre glass sewage units.

The design generics of the fibre glass units incorporate the exact same principles as the large civil units, which in turn use the proven and accepted principles of sewage treatment.

Due to the design parameters, unlike most sewage systems, our sewage systems do not generated sludge requiring costly extractions for the sludge removal.

This action is catered for and appears in the operations manual supplied with our sewage systems.

A sewage guarantee letter is supplied with each unit together with maintenance schedules.















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