Bio remediation is the art of treating soil on site with the use of specific natural bacteria's and nutrients.

This saves on costly removal of contaminated soil by vehicles to a waste disposal site.

Removing of soil to a registered waste disposal site means the following:

  • The contaminator remains responsible for that specific waste.
  • The excavated site where the soil was removed must be replaced with soil specific to that site.


There are two ways to remediate

  • Remediate on site through a process.  Soil samples taken for the record.
  • Remove the soil to a specified area for remediation.  Once the process is complete, the soil can then be returned to the place of removal.  Soil samples taken for the record.
  • The remediated soil may be used as compost.  The nutrient used is a soil conditioner, enhancer and retains water.

UTHINGO and  SWAZI HAZMAT SERVICES have carried out numerous projects both small and large with great success.  These projects include contaminated rivers, transformer yards, railway sidings, forestry, oil storage yards etc.

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