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In the pursuance of our sustainable development policy, in the construction of our sewage plants, we employ local labour for our projects in order assist in the financial improvement in the loca community. 

Uthingo supplies in house training of staff in the application and maintenance of our technical products. Uthingo remains responsible for the research and development of our sewage plants and water treatment chemicals. Our duties lie in the continued effort to improve, by research and development, and maintain a complete environmental acceptability standard for all products supplied. 

UTHINGO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES will continue to maintain our sustainability program and to focus in the markets where we have specialized, Namely, environmental control, water treatment, effluent treatment, sewage control, construction of sewage plants, soil remediation, oil containment, environmental cleaning products and biolological services and supplies.

We have specialized in the sale of environmentally and human friendly products. Biological cleaners, absorbents, degreasers and products that ensure the “transformation of contamination and not the transportation”. Our products lend themselves to our sustainability program to minimize the generation of hazardous waste disposal. We have a range of products specifically developed to meet the most challenging situations and problems. The products are used in the following applications within our scope of work.
• Packaged sewage plants – extended aeration system.
 • Packaged sewage plants – submerged aerated media system.
• Upgrade of existing sewage plants – replace disk filters with static bio media.
• Treatment of sewage plants, septic tanks and VIP toilets.
• Drinking water treatment plants – solutions to suit African conditions.
• Waste water treatment plants for industrial applications, domestic and in-organic waste.
• Solutions for the disinfecting and cleaning of industrial, domestic and small business waste.
• Treatment products and organic fertilizers for the farming industry.
• Hazmat first responder operational level training. NFPA 472 Std. Certification.
• Training on spill containment and clean up operations.

UTHINGO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES is committed to environmental control and has undertaken to work and contract out under those same conditions without exceptions.
UTHINGO has formed joint venture agreement with the following company:

Ngcukani Tranding (Pty) Ltd

NO: 2013/070953/07

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